Example of Machinery Condition Monitoring System using on screw compressors Technekon - vibration monitoring solutions.

Example of Machinery Condition Monitoring System using on screw compressors

System structure:
- Machine (air screw compressor with electric motor)
- Sensors (vibration, current, temperature, pressure, etc sensors)
- Marker
- Vibro-diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2160

ICP accelerometers are used as vibration sensors in this system. Sensors directly connected to Vibro-diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2160. Current, temperature, pressure, etc also could be monitored if necessary. Number and position of accelerometers may vary. Vibro-diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2160 available in intrinsically safe version and it can be mounted close to the machine.

Vibro-diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2160 continuously (0.5 sec interval) processes (through 16 bands) data from all sensors at once. Alert and danger settings presets for each channel band. Alarm is on, if vibration level at any channel is exceed. Connection to machine’s automatic control system is possible to provide its automatic shutdown. It is possible to watch machine condition right before shutdown using the “black box” function. “Black box” time interval is program adjustable. From CTD-2060 module data through RS-485 transfers to the PC for further processing.

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Products used:

Vibro-Diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2060
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