Multichannel Digital Vibration Switch CTD-2160 Technekon - vibration monitoring solutions.

Multichannel Digital Vibration Switch CTD-2160

Cost effective solution for machinery protection
and advanced vibration monitoring

Multi-channel vibration switch CTD-2160 is used for automatic protection of one or more critical machines by the multiple channels simultaneously.

Multi-functional and high processing speed of CTD-2160 provides to inform staff or stop of machine on time in case of dangerous vibration.

Digital data exchange output (PROFIBUS or MODBUS) is used for reliable transfer all necessary parameters to PLS for vibration monitoring.

  • 24/7 reliable protection
  • Up to 16 external sensors
  • Tacho channel
  • Fully digitall
  • Internal FFT
  • Lot of controlled parameters for each channels
  • Threshold settings for each bands individually
  • Warning and Alarm relays
  • PROFIBUS or MODBUS for advanced vibration monitoring
  • Perfect measurement range

CTD-2160 continuously collects signal and calculates vibration value for up to 16 frequency bands from all sensors simultaneously. Calculated values are compared with predetermined Warning and Alarm thresholds. If any value exceeds a thresholds corresponding relay will response immediately.

By the PROFIBUS or MODBUS CTD-2160 transfers the following for vibration monitoring:

  • Up to 16 vibration values for each channels (absolute and relative bands)
  • Shaft speed
  • Exceeded thresholds information
  • Machine mode information

Multichannel switch CTD-2160 for pump protection and vibration monitoring:

  • Reliable protection
  • Easy-to mount directly on/near the machine
  • Calculation of the machine parameters (up to 16 for each channel)
  • Shaft speed bands monitoring
  • Data transfer for monitoring via PROFIBUS and MODBUS
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