VibroDesigner-SCADA Server Technekon - vibration monitoring solutions.

VibroDesigner-SCADA Server

VibroDesigner-SCADA Server is intended for organization of the Equipment Continuous Monitoring Server System.

VibroDesigner-SCADA Server features:

  • Collecting information from CTD modules about current machinery condition
  • Receiving data via Modbus protocol
  • Computation of current machinery condition of the whole workshop
  • Daily trends maintenance
  • Shift reports
  • Subsystems current status automatic analysis
  • Daily trends archive maintenance
  • Collecting data from workshops’ aggregates and archive maintenance
  • Daily reports creating and archive maintenance
  • Aggregate shutdown reports creating and archive maintenance of in files form
  • Transmission of data files via e-mail

VibroDesigner-SCADA Server in integrated solutions:

   Automatized Diagnostic System ASTD-2
   Continuous machinery condition monitoring and protection of all machine’s components with current data displaying and data zipping
   Automatized Diagnostic System ASTD-2 for the whole factory with Distant Diagnostic Center

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