Vibration analisys software "VibroDesigner-Expert" Technekon - vibration monitoring solutions.

Vibration analisys software "VibroDesigner-Expert"

VibroDesigner-Expert is a powerful diagnostic tool for collection, storage and in-depth analysis of measured vibration data. The program allows vibration specialist to control technical condition of the whole plant equipment and and promptly detect and prevent equipment failures.


  • Trends and forecasting
  • Extensive set of graphic display of data
  • Reports
  • View the current data in real time
  • Archives of daily trends
  • Waves, orbit, spectra, and much more

Vibration analisys software "VibroDesigner-Expert" in integrated solutions:

   Portable units and Software
   Continuous protection + portable units and Software
   Automatized Diagnostic System ASTD-2
   Automatized Diagnostic System ASTD-2 for the whole factory with Distant Diagnostic Center
   Machinery condition monitoring + vibration analysis software

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