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Vibration Data Collector STD-500


Vibration Data Collector STD-500 is an ultra-portable vibration-measuring instrument with internal spectrum analysis functions. It is used for regular machinery condition monitoring.


  • Bearing condition monitoring based on high frequency enveloping
  • Store up to 500 points (LF waveforms or envelop waveforms)
  • Route or off-route data acquisition
  • PC connection via USB for detailed analysis
  • Explosion proof– ExibllBT3

Extra features:

  • Bearing condition detection
  • High frequency spectrum
  • RMS, Peak and Peak-to-Peak to vibration measurement
  • Free firmware update available via USB

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Vibration Data Collector STD-500 in integrated solutions:

   Continuous protection + portable units and Software
   Portable units and Software

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Portable Vibration Analysis Device
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