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Vibration Data Collector STD-510



STD-510 Data Collector is used for monitoring and analysis of rotary machine conditions. Thanks to pocket size and light weight, functional and easy-to-operate design, STD-510 is an ideal tool for daily vibration monitoring of industrial equipment.


  • Using external sensor with magnetic holder enables you to collect broad-band data more accurately
    and reliable
  • Data acquisition and storage: up to 500 waveforms
  • USB port to transfer data to computer, upload routes and download data for in-depth analysis with
  • The Vibrodesigner Analysis Software
  • On-site FFT analysis
  • Tacho input
  • Explosion proof– ExibllBT3

On-site analysis:

  • Cursor and coordinates
  • In-band values
  • Various measurement modes
  • Zooming

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Vibration Data Collector STD-510 in integrated solutions:

   Continuous protection + portable units and Software
   Portable units and Software

Сatalog Portable devices

   Portable Stroboscope PalmStrobe-053
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