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Vibro-Diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2060


Vibro-diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2060 is a device for continuous machines machinery condition monitoring and protection. It monitors and measures data from proximeters and vibration sensors through 6 channels at once.


  • Entirely self-contained operation 
  • 6 analog inputs and 1 tacho-input 
  • Direct connection of any integrated-circuit sensors 
  • Customizable frequency range 
  • Analysis through 16 bands (absolute and relative) for each channel simultaneously  
  • Up to 65 536 samples 
  • Measurement time 0.4 sec 
  • RS485 communication  
  • Black Box recording 
  • Customizable relay operating time  

Example of TD-2060 configuration.

TD-2060 trends.

Sensors (vibration, current, temperature, pressure, etc) directly or through coupling amplifiers connected to Vibro-Diagnostic Monitoring System CTD-2060.
CTD-2060 continuously (0.4 sec interval) measures and processes data (through 16 bands) from all sensors at once. Alert and Emergency settings are preset for each channel band. Alarm is on, if vibration level at any channel is exceed. Connection to machines automatic control system is possible to provide its automatic shutdown. It is possible to watch machine condition right before shutdown using the black box function. Black box time interval is program adjustable.
CTD-2060 module digitizes time waveform (up to 65 536 samples) simultaneously from all channels.
Every 1 second data transfers from CTD-2060 through RS485 to the PC for further processing.

Power supply
24 V
Power input
< 10 W 
Turn-on time
< 30 sec
Power shutdown protection
Automatic data recovery
from memory
8.7x 5.7x 2 (220mm x 145mm x 50mm)
7.5lb (3.4kg)
Temperature range
-40 to 130 F (-40 to 55C)
Enclosure rating
Frequency range
10 to 10 000 Hz  
Number of channels
6 analog and 1 tacho-channel 
Measurement time
0.4 sec
LED indication
Velocity measurement range
0.0055 to 5.55 ips, pk (0.1 to 100 mm/sec, rms)
< 4 mV
Number of samples
65 536
Number of bands at each channel
6 fixed and
10 adjustable
Dynamic range
72 dB
Irregularity of frequency response
Tachometer channel
Number of tacho-channels
Speed range
60 to 18000 RPM
RS485 interface
115 200 baud
Dry-Contact Relays
Number of relays
(Alert and
Closed circuit resistance
< 1.5 Ohm
Switching current
 0.5 A
Switching voltage
200 V
Switching power
10 VA

CTD-2060 in integrated solutions:

   Machinery condition monitoring + vibration analysis software
   Continuous machinery condition monitoring and protection of all machines components with current data displaying and data zipping
   Automatized Diagnostic System ASTD-2
   Automatized Diagnostic System ASTD-2 for the whole factory with Distant Diagnostic Center

CTD-2060 in projects:

Example of Machinery Condition Monitoring System using on pumps (Type #1)
Example of Machinery Condition Monitoring System using on screw compressors

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